Saturday, January 2, 2010

new years resolution: waste less food & money

i have a confession.

i'm one of those people who tosses almost full boxes of crackers because someone ( husband...cough cough) didn't close up the bag tight enough and they got a little stale. i have wasted many a box of crackers in my day. it doesn't only waste food but what a waste of my money. (this kind of sounds like my fridgesmart post - wasting less food and money are two popular tupperware themes) so whenever i got around to eating tomato soup - there were never any fresh and crunchy saltines around. and when i had a craving for antipasto on crackers, there weren't any so my antipasto would go bad.

solution for my resolution? modular mates.

i use a #1 (that's the smallest size out of 4) mod. mate for all my crackers and i've had these ones in here for about a month. they're still crunchy enough for my tomato soup! oh the fewer crackers i will buy in 2010!

again - modular mates go on sale for FORTY percent off as of january 9th and this sale goes until feb.12th. but if you have your party between the 9th and 15th - not only are you getting a double flyer week, 40% off mod. mates, but you're also getting DOUBLE the host credits! double. that could be one wicked party.

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