Friday, January 29, 2010

snack containers

we've probably all gone out and bought a set of glad containers or ziploc containers for a $5. then you use them a couple times, your yogurt leaks in your lunch bag or the lids warp in the dishwasher, and then you toss them. then you go out and buy another set of containers.

while their cheap, in the long run it's not money-saving. it's not green (even if you recycle).

here are some tupperware options. they cost you more but you'll buy them once and they will last you forever. the seals won't warp in the dishwasher. you won't toss them.

keep-tabs containers - these are perfect for snacks and the big tabs make them easy for your kids to get the lids off if you send them in their lunch. $15 - set of 3

stuffables mini-set - these cute little containers are a 1 cup, 2 cup, and a 3 cup. plenty of room for a proper portion sized snack. what is SOO great about these are that the lids pop up if you stuff it too full. it'll shape to the grapes or the chunks of melon that you put in them. $32 - set of 3

microwave cereal bowls - don't be fooled by the name. you can put whatever you want in these. and the seals are liquid tight. it'll save you cleaning up spilled yogurt. (you can tell i've cleaned a few spilled yogurt lunch bags in my life, can't you?) also, have you seen that ad where every kid in the family gets a different instant oatmeal flavour and they're all eating in the van on the way to school? that ad always makes me think of these. wouldn't these be perfect for that ad? $23 - set of 4

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