Saturday, January 16, 2010

"dishwasher" and "safe" are the magic words

a key selling feature of tupperware for myself is that it is all dishwasher safe. thank goodness because i rarely wash a thing in my sink. whenever it was my turn to do dishes in the staffroom at work in my little school, it would take me forever and other, more mother-like teachers would wonder what could possibly be taking me so long. it's lack of practice.

so anyways, something i put on my wedding registry was a colander set. a nice, stainless steel colander was a much better option than my mom's ugly, yellow colander. as it turns out, it was better in theory only. this thing does not wash well in the dishwasher. so after we have pasta, it sits in the sink for days before my husband or i finally break down and wash it. my husband often shakes his fist at that colander and says there's no need for a colander - why don't we just pull our spaghetti out of the pot of water and shake it off. i argue that this is a ridiculous idea. then one day, i mentioned this to my mom, wishing aloud that i could have an ugly, yellow colander. she said, "that's from tupperware." whaaat!?

i am now the proud owner of a tupperware colander of my own.

one day, when my assistant is full grown, he will mock my "ugly, red colander" but i will just shake my head and laugh to myself because i know how great it is. and even though it's 20 years old, it is still working great. but more importantly - it's dishwasher safe and it saved my marriage.

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  1. I really love that you refer to Ben as your assistant. He is the cutest assistant ever.