Saturday, January 9, 2010

double the host credits!

wow - i was at a tupperware party last night where the host made $275 in FREE tupperware! it's all about our "double the host credit" promotion that is on now until january 15th. usually, once the sales at your party are between $300 - $549, you get 10% of the sales plus one half-price item. ($30 - 55 of free tupperware from the catalogue) when sales hit between $550 - $1099, you get %15 and 2 half-price items. ($83 - $165 of free tupperware) great deals, right?

during double the host credits month - you get! so at your $440 party, you get not $44 but $88! so fantastic.

if you want to get your party in and get your tupperware wishlist for free - gotta do it before january 15th! email me at

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