Saturday, January 23, 2010

homestyle cup of soup

a staple for lunch is soup. the problem with soup is that it's liquid. and when it gets heated, it bubbles. so if you like soup for lunch but don't take it for lunch because it spills in the car AND the microwave, here's some tupperware for you!

the crystalwave soup mug is the one that we use at our house. never leaks.

it came with the crystalwave set (seen below) that was on sale at my first ever tupperware party that i attended. the same set is on sale again until january 29th - let me know if you're interested. i'll put in an order on the 29th. the three piece set is 40% off - only $38.50.

another (prettier) option for taking soup for lunch is the vent and serve soup mug. a couple dollars more but the seal is a little easier to remove and the little vent pops up much more easily.

both these soup mugs (and all the vent and serve, in fact) have the vents so that you don't need to take the lid off and let your soup spray all over the microwave. however, a tip from experience is to still take off the seal, open the vent (always remember to open the vent), then just lay the seal on top of the mug. this way, when the soup is done being heated, you don't burn your fingers with the steam when taking the seal off!

happy soup eating!

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