Friday, May 11, 2012

FINAL Clearance Sale

I had a very successful Final Tupperware Clearance Sale this past weekend which makes it crazy that I still have this much stock left!  Phew!  I had a lot of stock!  Check out the goods and email me if there's anything here you want (pick up is in Abbotsford or South Surrey):
5 pc Keeptabs set - reg. $47
from largest to smallest: 19cup, 10.5cup, 5cup, 2cup, & 5oz.
AWESOME containers - they stack within themselves
so you only need room to store the largest one
SALE - $35

3 pc. Keeptabs set - reg.$18
great for lunch containers -
big tabs are good for kids to get lids on and off
SALE - $10

Modular Mate Ovals -
I have three Oval 1s, one Oval 2, and one Oval 3 (blue lids)
50% off the prices listed here
Modular Mate Squares -
I have a Square 1, 2, and 3 - two black lids, one blue
50% off prices listed here

Super Stuffables Set - reg. $59
Mine are a limey green colour - read about why these containers are great here
SALE - $20
Rectangular Sandwich Keepers (for subs...but they could fit anything)
SALE $5 each
colours available: two purple & one green
Small wonderlier bowl - holds 2 cups -
$3 each (8 left in stock)

Great lunch containers - holds about 1.5 - 2cups 
$3 each
(I have 4 yellow and 1 turquoise in stock)

Set of 3 Christmas canisters -
great for giving baking as gifts during the holidays
$12 for set
Salt and Pepper shaker (actually they're Midgets)
$2 for a set
Whip N Prep - reg.$65
Whips creams, sauces, egg whites, dressings etc.
Read about it here
SALE - $25
or I have a red one USED for $20
Chop N Prep Chef - mine is red but brand new in box - reg. $54
blogged numerous times about this as one of my favs - read it here
SALE - $20 

the greatest Lime Press ever!  reg. $30
Pending Pick-up: SALE - $10

USED - Salad Spinner - reg. $71
mine is opaque with white and red - has been used a handful of times
spinner basket comes out and the bowl can be a nice serving bowl - comes with it's own normal lid too for saving leftovers in!
Pending Pick-up: SALE - $20

Stack Cooker Starter Set - reg. $83
read details here - awesome for microwave cooking
SALE - $25 (includes cookbook)

Serving Center - reg. $54
SALE - $25
Wonderlier Bowls - set of 5.  reg. $25 (for the bottom 3)
2 cup, 3 cup, 4 cup, 8 cup, and 12 cup
SOLD: $20 for set of 5 

STILL AVAILABLE: the middle 3 for $10
Beautiful salad recipe book - reg. $18
Pending Pick Up - SALE - $7 

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Measuring spoons only - reg.$18 - SALE $7
Microfibre dish towels - reg. $23.50 (set of two)

Colours available: two bright green, one dark purple, one dark fuchsia, one turquoise blue, and one dark blue.
SALE - $5 each or $8 for two

Two bowls hold about 4 cups each -
both have Chef Stuart's signature (haha)
$5 for both

Poultry shears
Condiment bottles -
amazing for putting mayo or ketchup in for camping and
you don't want to take the whole container -
they squirt SUPER well - like subway.  haha.
SALE - $5 each
Square SnakNStor container - great for storing baking -
reg.$23 - SALE -$15
Large 32 cup Impessrions bowl (fits the Impressions bowl set inside)  - SOLD
Also, orange 10 cup Impressions bowl - $7

New Tupperware product: Counterscaping Dry Seasoning Container Set
clear plastic that looks like glass, holds 2.5cups each - set of 3 reg. $42
SALE set of three for $20

winding down

after two years of the ups and downs of a tupperware business, i'm slowly winding down.  i've loved the free stuff, the perks, helping other moms like myself organize their kitchens, meeting new people, and all kinds of aspects like these.  since i started my business at the beginning of 2010, i have a second "assistant" which has been fun but tiring.  i've recently gotten a new job in the teaching field but it's one that i can mostly do from home which is an amazing opportunity.  i find that with the time spent on that plus time with family and my waning memory (is it childbirth that starts the memory loss or is it just me?), it's difficult to stay on top of my t-ware business and do a GOOD job.  i can do it, but i haven't been doing it well.  so i'll be keeping my status active so that i can continue to get those consultant perks but i will no longer be putting in orders for others or doing warranties.  i'll probably also put in a major january order every year for anyone needing modular mates so if that's what you need, keep me in mind. thanks to the followers of this blog and my loyal customers!  check out the sale items that will be posted soon as i begin to sell off my stock!  
my two assistants and their favourite Tupperware

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

$83 FREE AND a free Quick Chef?

Until Mar 30 - Host a $550 party with 2 datings and get an extra $83 of credit free! That's a minimum of $166 of FREE TUPPERWARE. i love this promo! Plus, paired with my personal freebie that I carried into the month of March - you'll get a free Quick Chef as well! That's worth $83 alone! Book before March 30!

If April is looking better for you - there are all kinds of promos on for Tupperware's BIRTHDAY month! Host a $650 party and 2 datings and get an extra $98 free AND you can buy another $98 for $15! PLUS you can buy a Quick Chef for $18.75 instead of $83! Amazing, amazing promos for the first couple weeks of April!


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"these are a few of my favourite things" - Maria Von Trapp

Okay, maybe Maria wasn't referring to Tupperware but these are definitely some of MY favourite things AND they're on sale. Order going in on Friday, Mar 9 - email

Dripless Tumblers - the next step up from sippy cups because drinking with a straw is way cooler, mom! They fit any straw and won't leak when the straw is out. 11oz is $16.25 (with a $60 order) and the 16oz. are $27. Just want the 11oz. but don't want to spend $60? I have a set of all pink ones that I'll sell you for $16.25.

ONLY UNTIL MAR. 9 - the 750mL. Eco Water Bottles are on sale - set of 4 for $30.25! AUGH - that's just $7.50 each! These are totally leak-proof. I have put milk in it and thrown it in my diaper bag never to worry about it leaking. And the days I've left the milk in there to curdle? They clean well without holding smells. These are the best and I've sold them to practically everyone I know!

Also, you can three 1 L. bottles for $27.50.

Last, but not least, the Impressions Bowl Set. I use these everyday. Read about it here or here.
Just $36.50 for the set of 4. No way. (I also have a set on sale that is different colours for $36 - see Clearance here)

Last but not least, everyone's favourite 1lb. Butter Dish - holds a block of butter. These are pretty rare to see on sale and I've never seen it in a catalogue. Get it now! $9

Like I said, order is going in THIS FRIDAY - Mar. 9. See everything currently on sale on the Tupperware website and let me know if there's anything you'd like OR if you want anything from my Clearance.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

do your kids eat veggies?

Here's a great post that I recently read over at Make and Takes about getting your kids to eat their veggies:

Put cut-up veggies in a tray that they can see in the fridge. This is a great way to make ME eat MY veggies! Get all the annoying prep work out of the way and then the Tupperware Serving Center makes eating them so handy! If the price tag on the Serving Center is too steep for you, send me a quick email and let me know you'd be interested in knowing when they're on sale and I can let you know when that happens. OR...

I have this cute little Mini Serving Center (which I use ALL the time for all kinds of things but mostly when my son has playdates - the kids can choose their snacks from the little tray themselves) for sale for $20 (no tax or shipping). Let me know if you want it!
Sometimes the task of filling the larger Serving Center can be a bit much if you have a small family or small kids who don't eat that much. This Mini-Serving center is pretty exclusive and I don't know when it will be back - I've only seen it twice in the last two years. :)

And forget about plastic wrap over either of these trays - they have lids! Oh Tupperware, I love it.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Current Clearance Tupperware

4pc Impressions Bowl Set - reg. $73
(not a great pic - a pic of the 3 bowl set with the original colours can be seen here)
SALE $36!
These are my all-time favourite bowls - read about it here. or here.

Ideal Lit'l Bowl Set - reg. $18
on sale for $12
these are the BEST in lunches...
my husband takes at least 3 everyday in his lunch and my diaper bag is full of them.
Large Carry-All - yes! I have ONE! reg. $56
Hold a 10kg bag of flour - I freeze 10lbs of blueberries every summer in mine.

Disney Princess Serving Set - reg.$23
on sale for $12

Mini Serving Center - I love this for many reasons!

Mini Rectangle Modular Mates -
these are half the size of a Rectangle Modular Mate so two fit on top of a regular one.
I have a set of 4 (two Mini 1s and two Mini 2s) for $20
or a set of 2 for $10

4 red Microwave Cereal Bowls - reg. $26

Women's Insulated Lunch Bag with 3 containers inside- reg. 59

Turquoise Microwave Cereal Bowl and a 2 cup container to match
(I have 3 sets of these if you want more)

Purple Snack cup and Midget (I have two sets of these if you want a set of 4)

Banana keeper and Grapes keeper -
$5 each or $8 for both

Three canisters - hard to see the size in a photo but the top one fits inside a bottom one.
Bottom holds approximately 8 cups, top - 6 cups.
$10 for the set of 3

4 Tumblers with drinking spouts - virtually leak-free
$3 each or $8 for all

Set of FOUR - exclusive cow mugs

*Thatsa Bowl Jr. & Mini - 12 cup & 6 cup - reg. $29
*Double Colander in red & white (this colander is awesome! i love that there's a smaller one as well for washing a handful of fruit or draining a can of beans etc.) - reg. $29
- $15
*Divided Dish and Snack Cup with handle - reg. $26.75
Sub Sandwich Keepers - reg. $17.50 for set of 2
- ONE purple and ONE green available - $4 each
*Mini Cake Taker & Plates Set - reg. $18.75
- $7
*3 Wonderlier Bowls - 3 cup, 4 cup & 8 cup - reg. $35
- $15
The largest Wonderlier Bowl - goes with the set above. 12 cups.
$9 or $6 if you buy with the set.
*Set of 3 KeepTabs containers - larger tabs are easier to open for kids, or people with arthritis or carpel tunnel - reg. $16.25
- $8
*Large 17 cup Servailer Bowl with One Touch seal
- $6
*4 two-cup Servalier Salad Bowls (but also great for all kinds of things!) with the One-Touch seal
- $8

Chop N Prep Chef - three sharp blades make chopping herbs, nuts, or a handful of anything SO easy with a few pulls of the handle! my favourite use was carrying it my diaper bag to a restaurant or friends' house when my son was starting on chunkier solid foods and throwing whatever we were eating for dinner in there to chop! so great! reg. $50.75