Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Current Clearance Tupperware

4pc Impressions Bowl Set - reg. $73
(not a great pic - a pic of the 3 bowl set with the original colours can be seen here)
SALE $36!
These are my all-time favourite bowls - read about it here. or here.

Ideal Lit'l Bowl Set - reg. $18
on sale for $12
these are the BEST in lunches...
my husband takes at least 3 everyday in his lunch and my diaper bag is full of them.
Large Carry-All - yes! I have ONE! reg. $56
Hold a 10kg bag of flour - I freeze 10lbs of blueberries every summer in mine.

Disney Princess Serving Set - reg.$23
on sale for $12

Mini Serving Center - I love this for many reasons!

Mini Rectangle Modular Mates -
these are half the size of a Rectangle Modular Mate so two fit on top of a regular one.
I have a set of 4 (two Mini 1s and two Mini 2s) for $20
or a set of 2 for $10

4 red Microwave Cereal Bowls - reg. $26

Women's Insulated Lunch Bag with 3 containers inside- reg. 59

Turquoise Microwave Cereal Bowl and a 2 cup container to match
(I have 3 sets of these if you want more)

Purple Snack cup and Midget (I have two sets of these if you want a set of 4)

Banana keeper and Grapes keeper -
$5 each or $8 for both

Three canisters - hard to see the size in a photo but the top one fits inside a bottom one.
Bottom holds approximately 8 cups, top - 6 cups.
$10 for the set of 3

4 Tumblers with drinking spouts - virtually leak-free
$3 each or $8 for all

Set of FOUR - exclusive cow mugs

*Thatsa Bowl Jr. & Mini - 12 cup & 6 cup - reg. $29
*Double Colander in red & white (this colander is awesome! i love that there's a smaller one as well for washing a handful of fruit or draining a can of beans etc.) - reg. $29
- $15
*Divided Dish and Snack Cup with handle - reg. $26.75
Sub Sandwich Keepers - reg. $17.50 for set of 2
- ONE purple and ONE green available - $4 each
*Mini Cake Taker & Plates Set - reg. $18.75
- $7
*3 Wonderlier Bowls - 3 cup, 4 cup & 8 cup - reg. $35
- $15
The largest Wonderlier Bowl - goes with the set above. 12 cups.
$9 or $6 if you buy with the set.
*Set of 3 KeepTabs containers - larger tabs are easier to open for kids, or people with arthritis or carpel tunnel - reg. $16.25
- $8
*Large 17 cup Servailer Bowl with One Touch seal
- $6
*4 two-cup Servalier Salad Bowls (but also great for all kinds of things!) with the One-Touch seal
- $8

Chop N Prep Chef - three sharp blades make chopping herbs, nuts, or a handful of anything SO easy with a few pulls of the handle! my favourite use was carrying it my diaper bag to a restaurant or friends' house when my son was starting on chunkier solid foods and throwing whatever we were eating for dinner in there to chop! so great! reg. $50.75

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