Thursday, February 11, 2010

bowls with lids

this week, i used a lot of bowls. tupperware bowls, obviously. then i came across this article about making reusable bowl covers - as seen below...

and i thought, isn't it great that tupperware bowls all come with seals? no need for saran OR sewing. i sent a salad to a potluck with a lid. i also poured my caesar dressing onto my chicken and romaine, put the lid on and shook it so that the dressing would coat everything evenly. i put some leftovers in a bowl and put the lid on. i gave my assistant a bowl to play with in the tub and a lid to chew on. ha.

this is my favourite bowl set - tupperware impressions bowl set. all the sizes you could possibly need.

and don't forget about the Thatsa bowl set which is on as a purchase with purchase for only $20.50 in the flyer that's been extended.

1 comment:

  1. I love my set of Impressions bowls, though my set only has 3 sizes. We often use the biggest one for popcorn - perfect for one batch through our air popper. I love taking salads to potlucks in the mid-size one.