Saturday, February 20, 2010

ice cube trays...with seals

you know when you put your ice cube trays in your freezer, the longer they sit in there unused, the dirtier they get. little flecks of things from the freezer "dust" you could call it. is this just me and my messy freezer?

anyways, it hadn't bothered me that much but then i started taking my leftover baby food from it's jar and pouring them into my ice cube trays. a great idea to not waste baby food when my assistant is not yet eating more than a cube at a time. i quickly discovered, however, that when left in the open freezer air, the food cubes get a rubbery surface which is pretty unappetizing. so after wasting a batch of food cubes, i started popping them out after a few hours of freezing and putting them in my freezer mate.

i thought to myself, "wouldn't it be great if i could just put a lid on these ice cubes?" then at one of my parties, one of my customers was talking about when tupperware had ice cube trays with seals! i found this picture...
Tupperware Fresh & Pure Set of 2 Ice Cube Trays
well wouldn't you know - the NEW tupperware catalog is coming out on march 1st and in it? ICE CUBE TRAYS WITH SEALS!!! i'm pretty excited.

if you are a mom with young kids/kid on the way and have mom friends, why not have a handful of them over for coffee one morning and i'll put together a little demo on tupperware items for babies - we can focus on making baby food, kid related containers, meal planning (to make life easier), and toys!

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  1. HEY! I think that customer was ME! How cool is that???? I feel like I actually contributed something to your life, Becs! :)