Saturday, February 27, 2010

items soon to be obsolete...

the only sad thing about moving on to a new catalog is losing some products. of course, sometimes tupperware revives these products (like the ice cube trays, for example) but one can never count on revival. but not only do things leave, but sometimes they get changed up. here's a a few favourite products getting changed know, in case you want to get them now...before it's too late...

the serving center - the BEST for bringing to parties/using at your own parties. currently, it's $42.50 but in the new catalog it only comes as a GIFT SET (a very cool feature of the new catalog though). this "Tupperware Impressions gift set" includes the serving centre, 2L pitcher, 4 microwavable plates, and 4 Impressions 16oz. tumblers with drip-less straw seals. this set is $119.00. it's technically saving you money but if you only wanted the serving center, you better get it now!

fridgesmarts. first change - they're going to be clear! so cool.
however...a change is being made with the largest fridgesmart. no, it's not leaving...but it's changing. currently, you can buy the small, medium long, or large fridgesmarts separately or buy as a set and save $10. in the new catalog, there's a new size introduced: medium. you can buy the small and the medium long separately BUT you cannot buy the large or medium. the large and medium only come in a 4pc. set with all the fridgesmarts. that set costs $89.50. but until march 12th, you can still buy your large, blue fridgesmart for $34. and while that medium is not currently in the catalog, have a party in the first three weeks of march and i'll give you one of those for free!

the new tupperware catalog started today and will overlap the old catalog until march 12th. if you want to check the new one out, i have it. i'll put in an order on march 11 for anyone wanting something that's about to go. keep checking here for more products that will be changing.


  1. I like that there are the "fruit" fridge smarts in different sizes.

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