Friday, May 11, 2012

winding down

after two years of the ups and downs of a tupperware business, i'm slowly winding down.  i've loved the free stuff, the perks, helping other moms like myself organize their kitchens, meeting new people, and all kinds of aspects like these.  since i started my business at the beginning of 2010, i have a second "assistant" which has been fun but tiring.  i've recently gotten a new job in the teaching field but it's one that i can mostly do from home which is an amazing opportunity.  i find that with the time spent on that plus time with family and my waning memory (is it childbirth that starts the memory loss or is it just me?), it's difficult to stay on top of my t-ware business and do a GOOD job.  i can do it, but i haven't been doing it well.  so i'll be keeping my status active so that i can continue to get those consultant perks but i will no longer be putting in orders for others or doing warranties.  i'll probably also put in a major january order every year for anyone needing modular mates so if that's what you need, keep me in mind. thanks to the followers of this blog and my loyal customers!  check out the sale items that will be posted soon as i begin to sell off my stock!  
my two assistants and their favourite Tupperware

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