Monday, January 25, 2010

have i mentioned how much i love these?

as i've been saying (here and there), modular mates are on sale until february 12th. 40% off! once you have a set in your pantry/cupboard, you find a million other things that should really be in mod. mates as well. i added another set of rectangles to my collection a couple weeks ago and am pumped to have that much MORE room in my pantry, have crackers that i bought in december still be crunchy, and have all my baking ingredients on hand and accessible. i actually baked cookies this weekend and HAD all the ingredients! a first-time event.

a service that all tupperware consulants offer is to come in and organize your cupboards for FREE! of course, we figure out what mod. mates you need for what you buy and use. obviously, the idea is that you would be purchasing the necessary modular mates for your cupboards which can be a large cost up front. however, they will save you so much money for the future and anything you only have to buy once is a good deal. if this is something that you'd be interested in and think, "that would be WAY too much money" - there are lots of options. #1 - well, did i mention they're on sale? haha. #2 - host a party and let me get you your first set or two for free. or #3 - try out being a consultant. you can get your modular mates for 40% PLUS your consultant discount. also, if you were interested in this side of things, signing up to be a consultant in january has it's perks. just for signing up, you get a free set of oval mod. mates. you and i will make sure you date a party within your first 30 days and once you have that party (of $550 in sales - the average party amount), you walk away with a set of super ovals. host another party of the same amount of sales and you'll also be getting a set of RECTANGLES. this is a goooood month. (i'm actually a little jealous since i signed up in december...)

i got in with tupperware because i can choose when i want to do it. next week i have a saturday afternoon party and a couple evening parties. it's not taking me away from my son right now and i can add help pay my family's bills with a couple hours a week. AND i already loved my tupperware! i was already telling people how much i liked my tupperware - why not make some money out of telling people how much i like my tupperware? email me with your questions about how easy and low-risk it is to try out being a consultant. believe me, my husband would have never agreed to it if it wasn't. haha. (and get some major modular mate perks before january 29th)

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