Wednesday, January 13, 2010

host promo for next weeks: shopping spree

so as it turns out, tupperware has been having promo after promo all year that i never would hear about. because who do you hear stiff like that from? thank goodness i'm a consultant now - we can stay a little better informed! wink wink.

from jan. 16 - 29, any host who has a party that sells at least $550 and has two more people sign up for their own parties gets a deal. not only would that host get their usual fantastic credit of $83 or more in free stuff BUT they have the option to spend just $15 and get another $83 in credit!!! that's sweet!

the current host promos that cost $83 are the tupper-wave stack cooker complete set (in the pic below) or the fridge organizer set (which you can't buy in the catalog - it's exclusive to this month's flyer). that stack cooker though - it can cook three things at once. you can have your veggies, rice, and meat all in one container in 20 minutes or so. it is slowly revolutionizing our dinners and it's worth $148.50. (that cookbook is worth it's weight in gold) but you can get it for free or for $15 by hosting a $550 party and having two people sign up for parties.

you may be thinking, "how will i convince anyone to have a party after they come to MY party?" if you get those party-goers in the door at your party, they are going to watch you get free item after free item. that in itself makes people want to sign up for their own parties. it's how i signed up for my first party. you'll be suprised. it's worth having the party and seeing what happens because it's pretty unpredictable.

(if you're like, "nah. i'm not having a party." then stop reading here. if you're a little bit interested...keep reading. there's one more thing about this shopping spree you should know. actually, if those two friends at your party sign up for their own parties AND you sell more than $ sell $850...then for only $65 you can buy $250 credit for free stuff! so there's something to keep in mind. i was at a $900 party last weekend - it can be done!)

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