Sunday, January 24, 2010

fundraisers that easily raise funds...

if you have need to raise money for something - an organization, youth group, sports team, etc. - tupperware does fundraisers. your organization receives 40% of your sales!!! fundraisers have their own catalogue with 68 exclusive items - you can only get them through the fundraiser catalogue AND there are 23 products in exclusive colours. (for example, get the shape-o toy in green, yellow, and orange!)

there are two ways to raise the money. one - i'll provide you with a stack of catalogues and each one has an order form inside. you (and your group) hand out the catalogues and gather the orders and money. or two - i set you up with an online fundraiser so that you can have people all over canada buying items from your fundraiser. all the money goes to your organization and the tupperware will be shipped to them! a whole lot easier than a bottle drive and will provide a lot more funds. also, you can do both methods in one fundraiser as well. 40% of sales!

spread the word to those you know who are looking for ways to raise money for their team or group!

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