Tuesday, January 5, 2010

testing out the modulars

being the keener that i am, i watched a modular mate demonstration video yesterday. you might wonder to yourself, "how can you demonstrate modular mates?" well, apparently you can. she made lots of suggestions about things that you can put in the mod. mates and gave some facts. now, i was already sold on this product. i grew up seeing them in my mom's cupboards and now i have them in my own cupboards. but there was lots of stuff that i didn't realize.

i had someone tell me that they didn't have room for modular mates in their cupboards because they had so little cupboard space. but mod. mates save you 30% space! think of how much room all those boxes that you buy take up. two boxes of crackers, a few of pasta, kraft dinner...(okay, maybe you eat healthier than me) and those boxes don't keep anything fresh. you can dump all your spaghetti into a small rectangular mate (size 1 or 2). pull the bags of crackers out of their boxes and toss all the bags into the largest rectangular mod. mate (a 4). or what about when you've opened 3 bags of chips for a party and then have some left in every bag? put them, bags and all, into the mod. mate 4 too. and did you know that whatever you put in your mod. mate will stay fresh at least one year. imagine your bag of tortilla chips staying fresh for a year!!! it seems impossible, especially for me who tosses anything with a hint of stale. so even though the woman in the video kept cheerios in her super oval for 16 mo. and took them to parties and had people taste test them...i'm going to the do the test myself. if you have a party in the next year, you can bet that i'll be toting around a mod mate with chips and cheerios in them.

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  1. Modular mates really are the best. I think they premiered sometime around when my mom was selling Tupperware back in the early 90s. I've been a convert since them. I love my modular mates for storing flour (large carry all - does that still count as a mod mate?), white sugar, brown sugar, baking soda, popcorn, cereal, spaghetti...and much more!