Thursday, December 31, 2009

for us control freaks

i was google searching for pictures of unorganized cupboards for a post about getting organized. as it turns out, when you search "tupperware organization" or "tupperware disorganization" the only photos of unorganized cupboards and pantries are ones without tupperware. all the rest are these beautiful modular-mated spaces.

the most interesting post i found though was on this blog: tupperware talk. this is her fridge:
WOAH! that is a LOT of fridgesmarts. and her quote is, "I love the organization and control I have in managing my produce." that is awesome.

but in all seriousness, i don't know about you but my husband and i have wasted a lot of vegetables and fruit in our time. it's cheaper to buy peppers in bulk for example (like a bag of peppers or carrots), but by the time i get to the last few carrots or peppers, they're all wrinkled and bendy. or sometimes i buy broccoli, eat it for dinner one night and then can't stomach it again for a couple days. by the time i get around to wanting broccoli again with my meal, it's gone all brownish on the top. i hate that.

tupperware fridgesmarts eliminate all that waste. when i began adding up the money i was saving in my week to week grocery shop using my fridgesmarts (plus don't forget the lifetime guarantee) - they are well worth the investment.

i also use my fridgesmarts for cheese. i don't think we've had moldy cheese since we started using them.

how fridgesmarts work is they have these rippled bottoms so that as condensation accumulates from the vegetables or fruit (or cheese) it sits in the ripples, not touching the veggies. there are also two vents on the side of the container. some produce needs more air than other produce. on the side of the fridgesmart, there is a list of which foods need two vents open, only one vent open, or no vents open.

so if one of your new years resolutions is to be a little more green or thrifty - fridgesmarts can help you achieve that resolution. and don't forget - just for having a party with sales of $150 or more, the medium fridgesmart is all yours for free!


  1. I just obtained 2 Fridge Smarts and have been enjoying using the large one for carrots and celery and the medium size one for cauliflower and broccoli. I find that the large one is the perfect size for the celery and carrots - staples I always want to have in my fridge, but sometimes go to waste - I have experienced both "bendy" celery and carrots. Am glad to be past that!

  2. Hi Rebecca,
    I like to use my Fridge Smarts for cheese too. I'm just not sure how many vents I should open to keep it best. I'm storing a block of cheddar. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.