Saturday, December 26, 2009

tupperware classics

in the late 70s, my mom got herself a set of One Touch Cannisters to store her flour, sugar, and such. today, those cannisters are still her go to containers when she's baking. and they will be forever because tupperware has a lifetime guarantee. did you know this already? that if you ever have a piece of tupperware that breaks, cracks, or discolours even, you can give it to any consultant and they will get you a new one for free. not even any paperwork needs to be done. what a concept. this stuff is an investment that won't let your kitchen down.

but back to the topic at hand: One Touch Cannister Sets. get your two cups of flour out then set the lid on and seal it with "one touch" in the center of the seal. it's a great system. today, we don't have the yellow option like they did in the 70s but we have white with blue or red seals. and would you believe that from january 2nd - 8th, the One Touch Cannister set of 4 is going to be available for hosts for $12.50!!! yes, if your party sales add up to $550 or more (and an average party sells about $500), you can get these for $12.50! so gather some keeners and let them know that they too can purchase a One Touch Cannister set for 50% off - $29.50. and yes, while this is an awesome deal, you'll have to try to keep it under wraps that you have gotten an even better deal.


  1. This blog makes me GRIN! Good work Rebecca - I hope your party bookings for the new year are going strong. Too bad I'm 2 provinces away! Next time we get together we'll have to swap shows - you show me your Tupperware faves, I'll show you my Creative Memories faves. Direct sales was my go-to this Christmas - I loved the thought that my friends had a little extra Christmas money to spend because I shopped through them. This year, Norwex... next year I feel will be a Tupperware year.

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