Monday, December 21, 2009

brush envy

i guess you could probably guess that if i don't cook, bake, and am a little messy, i probably don't do a lot of dishes either...well, you're right. my husband and i have made sure to only rent basement suites that have dishwashers in order to keep our marriage together. and the dishwasher that was here when we moved into our house has probably never seen so much action. that being said, there is the odd time that it makes more sense to just handwash a pot. and so enters the brush.

do you have a dish brush? ours is from ikea. because it's so rarely used, it usually sits around in our sink getting junk poured over it. once in awhile, i run it under boiling water in hopes that that will disinfect it but after awhile, these brushes must be pretty gross under a microscope. i need a new one.

just in time - to kick off the new year, tupperware is having a variety of week to week promos and one of the promos is a set of four tumbler brushes. i cannot for the life of me get the photo to work here on my blog but let me tell you - these are THE perfect dish brush. it's like someone has taken a regular dish brush and bent the top of it back so that the bristles can get in the corners of all your tupperware containers (or whatever you're washing)! they have a notch in the top so that they can hang to dry. AND each one is a different colour - you could colour code them for different jobs. you know, keep the blue one in the bathroom to scrub the grout even. i love it.

they're not always available so this is the time! from dec. 26 - january 15, since you'll be hosting a party during that time to get your DOUBLE HOST CREDITS, you can get this set of 4 brushes for only $7.50! 50% off. i can't wait for mine to come in the mail.

(and let's say, on the off chance you weren't having a party before jan.15th but you are thinking you'd like these brushes anyways - you can always click on "view complete profile" over there to the right and send me an email to order them. and that's the same with all tupperware products - if you just want to put in an order [say...a set of those modular mates for 40% off from jan 9th to feb 12th] just let me know. happy shopping!

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  1. Wow I was at this party in the black and white picture in 1969 - I recognize the boots the presenter is wearing... along with that nifty vest.