Wednesday, March 31, 2010

wine and cheese tupperware party?

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yes, tupperware has a new line of wine accessories out in the new catalog! i've tried to give some ideas here about different types of tupperware parties you can hold and here's my latest. everyone loves a good wine and cheese party, right? have a few people over, open a good bottle of wine, and check out the latest and greatest in tupperware.

• Superior design and enclosed spiral ensure smooth and easy removal of cork.
• Black/White.

Foil Cutter
• Ergonomic design and stainless steel blade ensure safe and easy removal of wine seals.
• White.

Wine Pourer
• Aerates while pouring and ensures a gentle, controlled flow of wine.
• Black.

Wine Pump & Stopper
• Easily extracts air from an open bottle of wine, creating a vacuum to preserve flavor.
• Creates an airtight seal so wine can be safely stored or transported.

That pump & stopper sounds fantastic, hey? Check them out at your own party or you can always put in an order as well.

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