Monday, March 8, 2010

mid-march flyer: deals and pwps

so the big ticket item for the new mid-march flyer that starts on march 13: crystalwave!
not one dish or two dishes for reheating your leftovers in the microwave...TEN crystalwave containers! the one you see above holds about 4 1/2 cups (or 3L) and costs $24.50 usually. how about one of those, another one the same size but not divided, two 2L containers, two 1.5L containers and then four 1L which are perfect for sending to school or work with leftovers to be reheated! how about all TEN for only $68.50?!?! whaaat? that's less than $7 a container!

then we have pwps...ah yes - pwp. if you've been following this blog or tupperware for any length of time, you'll remember that pwp means purchase with purchase. this is one of my favourite parts of the monthly flyers. if you're already buying this much, you can get THIS for a crazy deal!

so let's say you're buying the crystalwave for $68.50. with a $60 purchase, you can purchase the "fresh & cool" set of three containers for your fridge door for just $16.50! these containers are cute, green containers to put whatever you like in - herbs, cherries, sour cream, you name it. there's a 2-cup, a 4 1/2cup, and a 6 1/2 cup. making more space for you by fitting into your door.

or let's say you're getting the crystalwave for $68.50 plus the set of waterbottles (more on those tomorrow). with an $80 purchase, you can get the family set of the freezer mates for only $24.50! this set is normally $45 and worth every penny!

oooh...this is a GOOD flyer! more about the mid march tupperware flyer later this week. think about who you can invite to your party between march 13 - april 9th.

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