Tuesday, March 16, 2010

still amazed by my fridgesmarts

the other day i bought a quart of strawberries "on sale" which you know always means "about to go bad". i stupidly didn't transfer them to a fridgesmart right away when i brought them home and they got forgotten in the fridge for a couple of days. after those couple of days, i threw out many of the strawberries that were rotting and put the remaining few in my small fridgesmart. i forgot about them again. when i DID think of them, i was like, "oh no! those are going to be so gross now!" i fished out the fridgesmart and lo and behold! the strawberries were the same as the day i put them in there! unbelieveable! seriously.

in other fridgesmart news around my house, i've been hanging onto the same head of romaine for about 3 weeks now and the few leaves that are still left in my large fridgesmart are honestly crispier and fresher looking than the say i put them in there! love love love my fridgesmart.

and NOW in the new catalog, the fridgesmarts are clear! how great is that? you won't forget which one has strawberries and which one has lettuce!

also, a new product is the fruit fridgesmarts! they're square! that big one has 4 pinapple halves in it!

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