Wednesday, March 17, 2010

not as small as they seem...

you know how people always say, "i was making this meal so i just doubled it to freeze for later"? that never works for me. just doubling recipes is not as easy as it sounds. what is easy, however, is browning hamburger meat before you freeze it. this saves HUGE time when making a meal that calls for hamburger. but i'm usually too lazy to do it. well, the other day, i bought 5 pounds of hamburger and decided to split it into 5 portions and brown it all before freezing. i planned to put it in my freezermates.

the freezermates look small. the starter set is two "small 1" containers (1 in regards to their height) and two "small 2" containers. they don't look like they could hold much. but the less air you can have in your freezermates, the better. it reduces freezer burn. i put a pound of my browned hamburger into one of the small 2 containers and it didn't even fill it up! if you had told me that this container could hold a pound of hamburger, i probably wouldn't have believed you! they may be small, but they can hold more than you expect!

here's a tip for storing food in your freezermates: if the food that you put into the container doesn't fill it up, stuff the rest of the space with crumpled waxed paper. it will save your food from freezer burn.

don't forget! the family set of freezermates is on sale! when you buy $85 worth of tupperware until apr.9, you can get this set for only $24.50!

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