Thursday, October 14, 2010

tupperware and costco shopping

Today, I did a Costco shop. I don't buy a lot of items at Costco but there are a few things that I just must buy in bulk.

#1: snap peas. I love snap peas because they are a good vegetable that don't need to be washed or cut up. Costco is the cheapest place to buy the 1.3kg bag. It pours exactly into my Fridgesmart Medium Long and lasts FOREVER! (and don't forget that the Fridgesmart set is on sale right now!)
#2: whole wheat pasta. Pasta is a staple in our house and lately, because I haven't had to time to lug my kiddo over to Costco, I've been buying the smaller boxes of whole wheat pasta at our regular grocery store. Whole wheat doesn't come in jumbo sizes at the grocery store so these smaller boxes cost about $3 each. At Costco, the 4lb. bag of rotini whole wheat pasta is $5.99! Yes, it's a lot of rotini pasta BUT it fits perfectly in my Modular Mate Rectangle 3 and will last at least a year (though we'd definitely eat it by then).
#3: blueberries. Frozen blueberries are a necessity in my house because my son LOVES them and eat a handful or two a day. They're also considered a "super-food" so why not eat lots? I buy the 3lb bag and pour it straight into my Large Freezer Mate. It holds that amount perfectly and when it's in a container, it stacks easily and neatly in my freezer.
What do you buy in bulk?


  1. Great post, Rebecca!

  2. The bag of quinoa at Costco is a GREAT deal. It comes out to 64 cents per 100g. Compare this to the regular price at Superstore (1.29/100g) and that is just about the cheapest I'd seen before it went on sale for this week at 99 cents/100 g at Save On...but that is still a fair bit more than the Costco bag!

    Anyhow, so I have one super oval 2 and that's where my bag of quinoa is going :)