Friday, May 21, 2010

freezer organization

my freezer - a before and after picture all in one. i used to think, why would i pour my bags of peas or frozen strawberries into a container? and then one day my freezer was so packed full of bags that when i opened the door, a bag of peas fell out and spilled all over my floor. now they're in a freezermate.
what's amazing to me how small some of the containers are in the freezermate collection yet they hold way more than you'd expect. if you know your modular mates, you know that tupperware gives each height a number ranging from shortest (1) to tallest (5). freezermates are also modular which is why they are the best for organizing your freezer.

in the starter set, there are two small 1s and two small 2s. they're tiny. but if you're living on your own or as a couple, they're a good size. the small 2s can hold a little over a pound of ground beef! the small 1s are the perfect size for two pieces of chicken. buy a package of 6 breasts and divide them into meal-sized portions in your freezer mates!

in the family set, there are two medium 1s and two medium 2s. in the above picture, there are 4 medium 2s in there but you can just see the fronts. these are a great size for most small bags of frozen fruit or veggies. I love these 1s (like i talked about above) for chicken or pork chops (or whatever kind of meat). I bought a costco sized pack of fresh chicken breasts the other day and divided them into 4s in my medium 1s. then i poured salad dressing on them. when they are thawing for dinner one day in the near future, they'll sit in their dressing and taste great!
obviously, the best value is the complete set. SO many freezermates AND this is the only way to get the large 2. (i often use this container to store baking on the counter and not in the freezer) i just need to splurge and finish off my freezer. i'm so sick of the mess in there. how's your freezer looking?
if you feel the same way but are thinking, "i can't afford that complete set", having a party is the way to go. why not get the set for free? hosting a party can be having some people over for coffee one morning (and getting your mom in winnipeg to join your party through TupperConnect) and you'll benefit from free host credit based on the amount purchased.

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