Sunday, May 2, 2010

in time for summer!

what summer doesn't need a pitcher of lemonade? in the mid-april to mid-may flyer, there are THREE of them for sale! these are the classic button top lids that let you shake the pitcher without spilling and also strains the ice cubes. the largest of the pitchers on sale this month is our 1 gallon (like a milk jug) pitcher. it comes with a set of 12 different sized cups (that all come with their own seal) perfect of drinking out of on the deck. or what if all your kids want different beverages on your picnic? pour each drink into their own cup, seal, and throw in your picnic basket - no fear of spills! check out the link to see more details on this set.

also in the flyer this month is a set of 2 pitchers. one is 1 litre and the other is 2 litres. because this button top seal keeps your beverage from leaking, they're perfect for bringing along on a roadtrip in the backseat. a recent customer suggested this at one of my parties - you can fill these up with ice and juice and keep it nearby. whenever you're thirsty, stop for a fill-up and your drink will still be cold. what a great idea instead of buying those $2 - $3 drinks at the gas station! these pitchers are on sale for $21.50 if you spend $60.

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