Friday, May 28, 2010

tupperware for life...

i was talking to a guest at a tupperware party yesterday and she was saying how she'd bought these Vent n Serve containers a few years ago and the consultant had talked about how they're indestructable. she bought some and they eventually got a crack in them. she told me how disappointed she was. i asked her, "did you get them replaced by a consultant?" she hadn't. she told me, "i didn't have my receipt anymore so i threw them out."

people! you don't need a receipt! if something your mom bought 30 years ago or something your grandma bought 50 years ago cracks, chips, breaks, or peels - we replace it or give you an equivalent! all you need to give your consultant (aka. me i hope) is the broken piece. awesome! the only exception to this rule is if there is metal on your piece of tupperware (like a cheese grater or an ice cream scoop), it's a limited warranty of a year. of course, they last much longer than that but it's not for life. but if it's all tupperware plastic, you'll have it until you're an old lady. :)

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