Monday, May 17, 2010

the serving center is ON SALE!

the serving center definitely comes up at every tupperware party i've had as a favourite piece of tupperware. it's so portable when you are asked to bring the veggie platter or fruit plate to a party. if you're just using it at your own house, why not use the lid as a platter as well - it could hold your chips or bread for a spinach dip. at a recent ice cream party, the serving center held all the sundae toppings! nice.

when the new spring/summer catalog came out, the serving center can only be purchased as a set. (which is a really great set, by the way - awesome for picnics and camping) so for all those customers who were upset by this, the lone serving center is HERE for one month only! if you buy $60 of Tupperware, you can get the serving center for only $24!! a steal since full price it's $42.50! book your party now until june 11th for this deal among others. AND get a mini serving center (such a great size) as one of your free gifts! you'll be all ready for summer potlucks, bbqs, and family reunions.

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