Tuesday, May 18, 2010

modular mates ON SALE?

for the next two weeks, there is an exclusive modular mates sale that just began TODAY! this special package set includes a rectangle 1 & 2, a super oval 1 & 2, and a regular oval 1 & 2. all six modular mates for 50% off! 57.50!

in my cupboard, my oval 1 & 2s hold shake and bake mix and rice cereal. my super oval 1 & 2s hold shredded coconut and ground flax seed. my rectangle 1s (i have two of them) hold lasagna noodles and barley. my rectangle twos (i have 3 of them) hold oats, costco sized bag of splenda, and one is dedicated to little bulk bags of things that i buy too irregularly to have whole containers of them but i want them to stay fresh.

modular mates will keep their contents fresh for at least a year! a must have for crackers or brown sugar. the more that i get in my cupboards, the more things i find that i want to put in them! try them out for yourselves at 50% off!

i'm putting in an order on friday, may 23 so email me at rebeccashulba@hotmail.com if you want a set!

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