Tuesday, May 25, 2010


i've been telling people that this never happens and here it is on sale! remember the Quick Chef? i use it for most of demos at my tupperware parties to make salsa and lately i've been making ice cream in it. it's the best for chopping ANYTHING! it's the cheapest food processor with way less mess and more convenient. i've also been making a lot of whipped cream in it lately. pour in the whipping cream and turn the handle for about a minute and you've got thick, yummy whipped cream. the Quick Chef does have a little higher price tag - it's $67.50. i always recommend to people that they have a party and use their free credit to get it or think about trying out selling tupperware and get their Quick Chef in their kit.

well from may 29th to june 11, if you host an average-sized party and have two people book their own parties, you can get the Quick Chef for $12.50!! i'm floored, personally. if you've loved this product at past parties you've attended or hosted but never gotten it, NOW is the time! rebeccashulba@gmail.com

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