Wednesday, October 27, 2010

4 day sale only!

Chop N Prep - normally $50.75 - on for $30!
And, i just blogged about loving it a day or two before it's gone on sale! Nice.

Whip N Prep Chef - usually $67.50 - on for $40!

Salsa Set - usually $165.50 - on for $99!

This is SUCH a great deal. Add these things up separately: spatula: $25 + chip n dip bowl $53.50 + garlic and onion keepers $24 + southwest chipotle spice $9.50 + quick chef $67.50 = a grand total of...$179.50 - you're getting it for $99!! Give it as a gift set or break it up and give away the pieces as gifts. You just got Christmas presents for mom, sister, grandma, and the sister-in-law!

Spin N Save Salad Spinner - usually $59.50 - on for $33.50!

These sales are only on until Friday, Oct. 29 - email me if you want to put in an order!

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