Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chop N Prep Chef

In the current catalogue that came out in September, there was a new item called the Chop N Prep Chef. It's littler than the Quick Chef and has 3 blades that spin around when you pull the cord. While, in theory, it does the same thing as the Quick Chef, it's ideal for chopping a smaller amounts - things like nuts, garlic, fresh herbs, etc.

At my most recent party, I was doing a salsa demo in the Quick Chef - it's always a great idea to let your Tupperware consultant do a food demo because not only does it show how to use a few Tupperware products, but it also boosts party sales because people see it and know that it will save them time and money in THEIR kitchen! Anyways, to show how well the Chop N Prep Chef works, I threw the garlic and cilantro in there. I'd never used it before. Only with Tupperware can you trust that the item will do exactly what it says without ever testing it (though I don't recommend doing this, consultants! haha!). I pulled the cord THREE times and the garlic and cilantro was chopped SO finely - it was AMAZING! I was very impressed.

I will be taking my Chop N Prep Chef with me to all my salsa demos now! I loved how great it worked for smaller foods.

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