Monday, June 28, 2010

getting vegetables in...the sneaky way

i'd gotten this giant container of baby spinach and all my fridgesmarts were already full so it was quickly going limp in my fridge. i'd been throwing a handful of it in smoothies for my one year old to get a little extra vegetables in and was sad that i couldn't keep it around longer. until i got a fantastic idea. (well, maybe this is an idea everyone has and uses but i thought i was being brilliant) i pureed all the spinach down (with just a little water) and poured it into my covered ice cube trays.
brilliant! now, when i have been making my assistant's smoothies, i just throw in a spinach cube. i also melted one down the other day and added it to tomato sauce for his pasta. he didn't seem to notice despite the weird colour of the sauce! and it's quite a lot of spinach that goes into one cube when it's pureed! love that we're getting in some extra greens!

if you're looking for other ways of sneaking some vegetables into your kids' (or husband's) food, a great and easy way to get tiny chunks is my fav - the Quick Chef. good luck!

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