Wednesday, June 30, 2010

party of 5

i was at a party this past weekend where the hostess had originally said, "i'm not sure how many people i'll get out to my party or if anyone will want to buy anything but it will just be fun to have a get together with some friends. i'm not in it for the free stuff."

as the date for her party got closer, she asked around at work if anyone wanted to put in an order and she got 4 outside orders - a great start to her party. when 4 other people that were supposed to come to the party cancelled, she wasn't too upset because she had these back up, outside orders.

her party had 4 attendees plus herself - 5. we played a game, talked about Tupperware, ate some homemade ice cream in the Quick Chef and that was that.

would you believe that this party got the hostess $243 in FREE Tupperware PLUS THREE half-price items? she was SO floored that her friends had seen so many things they wanted AND she'd done the extra leg-work to get a few more orders to add to the lot which made a big difference. amazing! little parties can rock - don't be afraid to host a party because it won't be 8 or 10 people! if you have a handful of people who are interested in organizing their cupboards, saving money on produce, planning meals to freeze, have school-aged kids who take their lunch - these people will find the products they need at your Tupperware party.

for summer, not only are you getting your $25 off your order if you host a party but if you host a party on July 13 or 14 (the start of the new and fantastic sale flyer), i'll add $100 dollars to your order to boost your sales up and get you some more free stuff - that's an extra $10 - $20 of free credit! NICE!

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