Sunday, June 27, 2010

summer attendance special!

summer is officially here! and with it comes a give away...and who doesn't love give aways. this isn't just a piece of's $25 OFF your order! yes. $25 off whatever you already wanted to get! there are many ways to get this valuable coupon.

1) host a party and mention this blog post. get a coupon.

2) attend a tupperware party before august 28th and get a $25 coupon to use when you host your own party.

3) refer a friend to have a party then attend the party. you'll get $25 off your order at your friends' referred party. (but your friend doesn't get the coupon - they just get all their regular free stuff from hosting)

what can $25 get you?

> 11 different sizes of Modular Mates
> a small Fridgesmart (great size for a quart of strawberries)
> an avacado and tomato keeper set
> a Forget Me Not set
> a square Pick-a-Deli
> a jello mold (yes!)
> a set of two Flat-Out containers
> a set of 4 Snack Cups (one of my favs)
> 2L pitcher
> Salt and Pepper shakers
> CrystalWave Lunch n Dish
> CrystalWave Soup Mug
> Sandwich Keeper set of 2
> Snack-Stor container
> set of 6 Midgets
> a Quick Shake container
> a medium Ice Prisms bowl
> a set of 3 Keep Tabs containers
> set of 4 Tumbler and Seal brushes
> 2 sets of 2 Microfiber Dishcloth
> a set of 2 Mirror and Window Cleaning Cloths
> a Vent N Serve Medium Shallow container (the most used tupperware container at our house for leftovers and lunches!)
> a Vent N Serve Medium container
> the Grate N Measure (augh! i LOVE this one!)
> the Bell Tumbler and Sipper Seal Set (4 cups and sippy lids)
> the Ideal Lit'l Bowl Set (so cute)
> Disney Mickey Meal set
> Dora the Explorer Meal and Snack Set
> Sponge Bob On-the-Go Tumbler
> set of 4 small Modular bowls
> Spring Oven mitt
> any of our teas or spices

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