Friday, September 3, 2010

Office Bowl Party

Do you work in an office? Or a school with a staffroom? Host an Office Bowl Party! I'll give you a huge bowl with a handful of Tupperware products in it, some catalogs, flyers, and order forms and you take the bowl and leave it in your lunch room or at your desk. Collect orders for a week and all the host credit (aka. FREE Tupperware) goes to you! That's about as easy as it gets to build your Tupperware collection! And if you host a Bowl Party before September 10th, your colleagues get to order not only from one fantastic sale flyer but TWO! Right now the Quick Chefs (on sale for $47) and the Paring Knives (on sale for $26) are my most popular items! Email me and I'll get you a bowl right away!

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