Friday, September 17, 2010

Cook much?

The sale flyer that's on until October 8th is all about cooking and baking and if you do either of those, here's a few things you shouldn't go without:

The Saucy Silicone Spatula (usually sells for $25 - on sale for $17) Stain and heat resistant up to 400 degrees - no more melting spatulas when you use them to make scrambled eggs!

The Silicone Wonder Mat (usually sells for $47 - on sale for $32.50) Like parchment paper but much more environmentally friendly - use this mat on your baking sheets and pans for more even baking.

Measuring Cups and Spoons - (usually $34.50 - on sale for $19) This one can't be found on the website for sale because it's only on for attending a party! But let me know if you want it and you can attend my "virtual party" to order them. (aka - i'm putting in a party on the 24th) These cups are great because they have a built in pouring spout on either side of the cup.

Thatsa Bowl 4 Piece Set - Buy One, Get One Free! (worth $185.50 - you buy EIGHT bowls for $92.50) Normally, you can't even buy the two smaller bowls which are both great sizes. Then the biggest two bowls are HUGE! Mixing batters and dough in plastic bowls makes it so much lighter to move around and pour out. I've gone to all plastic for baking and love it.

Think ahead to Christmas gift shopping - who could use a fantastic set of bowls? Then keep a set for yourself!

Order going in on the 24th - email

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