Wednesday, September 15, 2010

getting the husbands on board!

I have SO many women who sit down to place their order at a party and they say something to the effect of "My husband is not going to be happy with how much money I'm spending!" I used to be that woman too but here is what I've discovered: if the husbands were at the party and heard how much money Tupperware is going to save them in food that isn't going to get thrown out for going stale, moldy, or freezer burnt, they'd be encouraging us to buy it!

When I started selling Tupperware, my husband was skeptical. Now that we use so much Tupperware, he often sings it's praises to other people. I'm not joking.

This past weekend, I had a Tupperware with a mom of a new baby. Her husband stuck around at the party to help with the baby if needed. He hung back but listened to us talk about how Tupperware works and he was keen on the ice cream demo in the Quick Chef. When it came time for my hostess to pick her free Tupperware (which was $145 AND two half-price items!), she and her husband sat down at the table together! Her husband encouraged her to get the Modular Mate Super Set as one of their half-price items since he heard how they can save your dried goods for at least a year! He really wanted to get the Lemon-Lime Press because he held it and could tell how heavy-duty it was. This husband was ON BOARD! Yours can be too!

If you're headed to a Tupperware party anytime soon, see if you can get your hubby to come along and see the goods - I have had a few guys come to parties and they're always the biggest buyers! But you will sell your guy for sure if some of your Tupperware is FREE - host a party and have all your girlfriends bring their husbands. We can make the demos short and sweet and then you guys can go on with your night! Sounds good? email

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