Monday, August 1, 2011

dinner with tupperware

Some days, I'll be making dinner and I look around and realize I'm surrounded by Tupperware. THIS is why I signed up to be a Tupperware consultant - I use it daily. The other day, I took a couple photos to show you what I mean.

In this photo from left to right: My Heat N Serve container held my ground beef - love it because it goes from freezer to microwave for easy defrosting. My Thatsa Bowl Jr. is what I used to mix my hamburger in. My Hamburger Press is my favourite summer tool. My Freezermate holds breadcrumbs for whenever a recipe calls for them - they're handy. My assistant is using one of my Measuring Cups. (Also, there are two large Freezermates in the background - one is holding cookies and the other is holding hamburger buns!)

Other Tupperware tools used for my dinner making process yet not photoed? My Cutting Board, my FAVOURITE Santuko knife for slicing tomatoes, and my Chef Series Dutch Oven for boiling corn on the cob.

Then we took our meal outside and ate it on our Tupperware plates and my assistant drank from his favourite Bell Tumbler with Sippy Lid. :)

Having the right tools in the kitchen makes dinner so much easier. Indispensable.

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