Thursday, April 14, 2011

The famous Tumblers and Sippy Lids

Currently, our most used Tupperware at our house is our Bell Tumblers and Sippy lids. My assistant drinks out of at least 3 a day - milk, juice, and water. They're the greatest. They are a slow flow sippy lid so they teach kids to regulate the amount of liquid coming into their mouth without that sucking motion that other sippy cups need. This way it's getting them ready for drinking out of a regular cup with no lid. And by now, my assistant can drink from a regular cup with no lid but the lids are helpful when he gets a little over excited with both milk and juice at once.

Get them as a free gift when you host a party - just let me know ahead of time that this is the gift that you're interested in!

He's a thirsty guy.

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