Monday, June 13, 2011

fridgesmart sale is back!

Just in time for all the fresh fruits and vegetables of summer, the buy one set - get one set free Fridgesmart sale is back! I've blogged about my Fridgesmarts so many times (remember the 18 day old organic lettuce? and the strawberries? and my cheese that never gets moldy?) and then i saw this video today. It definitely shows off how much better your fruits and veggies will stay in your Fridgesmart than just in your crisper drawer.

Get 8 Fridgesmarts for $98.50 - find someone to split them with, give half as a wedding gift this summer, or keep them all yourself! Also, buy the Large, long Fridgesmart container for just $19.50 with a purchase of $60 - this is everyone's favourite size and it's normally $36 and worth every penny!

Another set that's just on sale until June 24 is this 8L square Fridgesmart and 2 minis for $35.

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