Wednesday, August 25, 2010

not just for hotdogs

We use out Hotdog Keeper for mostly for cold cuts and packages of bacon. The little bumps on the bottom are great for keeping these meats up and out of their condensation and cold cuts last SO much longer in a container than in those flimsy little bags they come in from the grocery store.

I've also heard (and I concur) that the Hotdog Keeper would make a pretty awesome jello mold. All those little pyramids will make little holes that you can put berries or whipped cream in...

However, when I asked my husband to put the leftover pizza away last night, he pulled out our retro, yellow, Hot dog Keeper and it fit just perfectly.
See? If you're dying to buy the Hamburger Press before it's gone on Aug. 27 but feel that the Hot Dog Keeper that it comes with is useless because you don't eat hot dogs - you are mistaken! AND would you believe that the Hot Dog Keeper is on sale with our Season-Serve container for only $26.50 until Thursday? Nice deal. email before Thursday afternoon:

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