Sunday, August 22, 2010

items not returning

the Spring/Summer catalog comes to a close this week and a great, new catalog starts! (yes, i have them here - if you want one mailed to you, let me know) when the Spring/Summer catalog goes, some favourite items go with it. here are a few of the main items you may want to order before they're gone:

> the Fresh and Pure Icecube Trays with lids! set of 2: $30.50

> the Grilling Set (check out my hamburger press demo video that i made coming monday morning!)

> Hamburger Press and Hotdog Keeper set - so great for making your own burgers EASILY!

> the Spring Fashion Set which includes (and you can buy them seperately) apron, dark pink and purple microfiber towels, neoprene oven mitt, and neoprene potholders.

Order is going in on Thursday, August 26th - email or order online through my website link over there to the right! --->

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