Monday, July 11, 2011

summer clearance sale!

I am cleaning out the Tupperware closet and making room for the new Fall catalogue that comes out in September! You benefit by getting some SALES! If you see anything you like here, email me at to purchase. No taxes or shipping on these items! (Items that are still in the current catalogue are not priced as low as others but still on sale AND no tax or shipping)

Also, if you have been thinking you were wanting to stock up on some free Tupperware - organize your pantry, fridge, or freezer - host a party before August 27 and get $100 credit towards your party. This means if you just have a few friends over for a morning coffee Tupperware party and your sales are $216, I will bump your sales up by $100 so that you will qualify for more free stuff at $316. Or maybe that $100 will get you up from $450 ($45 free Tupperware of your choice & 1 half-price item) to $550 ($83 free Tupperware of your choice & 2 half-price items!) What a GREAT time to have a party. Have questions about the benefits of hosting - let me know via email.

See a COUPLE things in this list that you'd like? Get TWO of the *starred items in the below list for FREE by hosting your party this summer!

SUMMER PARTY DEALS GALORE! Let me know what dates work for you!

*4 two-cup Servalier Salad Bowls (but also great for all kinds of things!) with the One-Touch seal - $10

*Large 17 cup Servailer Bowl with One Touch seal
- $12

*Microwave Cereal Bowls (but I use mine for leftovers in my husband's lunch) reg. $26.75
- $20
(still in current catalogue)

*Set of 3 KeepTabs containers - larger tabs are easier to open for kids, or people with arthritis or carpel tunnel - reg. $16.25
- $10

*Everyone's favourite! Bell tumblers - reg. $14.75 & Sippy lids - reg. $10.50
Get both tumblers AND sippy lids together for $20
(still in current catalogue)

*Mini Serve It Set - reg. $16.50
- $13

*3 Wonderlier Bowls - 3 cup, 4 cup & 8 cup - reg. $35
- $20

*Mini Cake Taker & Plates Set - reg. $18.75
- $10

Blue Ice Prisms Large Bowl, Salad Tongs, and 4 small plates - gorgeous patio set or give as a gift! reg. $82.50
- $40

Sub Sandwich Keepers - reg. $17.50 for set of 2
- $6 each or both for $10

Set of 2 Divided Dishes with attachable handle for easy feeding - reg. $29.75
- $25
(still in current catalogue)

*Divided Dish and Snack Cup with handle - reg. $26.75

*Double Colander in red & white (this colander is awesome! i love that there's a smaller one as well for washing a handful of fruit or draining a can of beans etc.) - reg. $29
- $20

Chop N Prep Chef - three sharp blades make chopping herbs, nuts, or a handful of anything SO easy with a few pulls of the handle! my favourite use was carrying it my diaper bag to a restaurant or friends' house when my son was starting on chunkier solid foods and throwing whatever we were eating for dinner in there to chop! so great! reg. $50.75
- $35

*Thatsa Bowl Jr. & Mini - 12 cup & 6 cup - reg. $29
- $19

The following items are currently in the Tupperware Summer Catalogue and are not as on sale as some of the above items, however, they have no tax or shipping on them. Some are still *starred items that you can choose as a FREE item if you host a party this summer though! (Click on the links to read more about the item)

- sale $50

- sale $22

*Snack cups - reg. $18.75 for 4
- sale $15

- sale $30

A favourite! 1 Gallon Pitcher - reg. $36
- sale $32

*Another fav! Set of 6 Midgets - hold 2 oz. each - reg. $17
- sale $14

*Set of two Microfiber Dishtowels - hold up to 8x their weight in liquid! - reg. $25
- sale $22

I LOVE this grater! Grate N Measure Grater - reg. $25.50
- sale $22

Can Opener - works great for left-handed people too! plus, it doesn't create sharp edges on your can lids and it doesn't stick a blade into your can which gets dirty. - reg. $40.75
- sale $30

*Seal & Tumbler brushes - I loved these for washing my son's bottles because of their small and curved heads. Set of 4 - reg. $20.50
- sale $15


  1. Great deals are they for local customers only?

  2. anywhere in the lower mainland but farther than that, they ARE just for those local customers as shipping is so expensive. sorry about that! where are you from?