Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Very Innovative Product Award

Tupperware made it into Good Housekeeping's Hall of Fame for Very Innovative Products (VIPs): here's the article:

Our readers can't imagine how they'd live without it. On our website, they voted in droves for the product that had become a must, and Tupperware, introduced in 1946, was the winner. The "burpable" seal — which inventor Earl Tupper modeled after a paint can's — was so novel (until then, food storage might mean placing a plate atop a bowl), shoppers had to see a demo of how it worked. After the birth of the Tupperware party in 1948, sales took off, and the American pantry and fridge were transformed. Today, the line includes everything from cook's tools to cutlery to, yes, the classic storage containers — and can still be purchased at parties (and online).

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