Monday, November 8, 2010

my commuter mug

a tupperware product that i use all the time and love is my commuter mug.

why i like it better than my starbucks mugs is that the lid screws on to be liquid tight. when i don't have a free hand, i can toss it in my diaper bag until i DO have a free hand. it hasn't leaked on me yet! then you twist a little and there's a nice rounded edge for your mouth to drink from. it keeps your drinks hot for at least an hour and it's a nice size - not crazy big like some of those starbucks mugs. i can never drink that much coffee. these mugs hold 12oz. (like a starbucks tall) a great stocking stuffer!

host a party on one of these dates and get this mug for free along with all the other free product that i give my hostesses: nov. 12, 17 or 18

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